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Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is one of the main pillars at Cedar Detailing. We strive for 5/5 stars for all services we offer by treating your car as if it was one of our own. Our mission is to make you happy with the quality of work that we offer. Take a look at our google reviews for some reassurance.


Effort by the customer is not needed when you call us. Why drive your car to get it detailed  when you can give us a call? Relax at home and let us do the work! Рunfortunately this service is not currently being offered, however, we will do our best to make this effortless for you!


Details is what Cedar Detailing is all about! We take everything into consideration when detailing a vehicle. Regardless of the work and difficulty, we will not move on until we have achieved a near-perfection finish. Detailing is a luxurious service and that is exactly how we treat it.


Affordable, not cheap! We believe that high quality service requires time, effort and a specific skill set. That is exactly why Cedar Detailing provides mobile detailing services that compete with the fixed detailing service quality! Nowhere in the city will you get such a service that is combined with our quality and price.


Restoring your vehicle to its original condition is our goal. We have mastered various techniques and methods to achieve interior and exterior perfection. At Cedar Detailing, expect nothing but the best in terms of effort to achieve the proper results.

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